Open Floor dance – luovuuden lähde

Open Floor dance - luovuuden lähde

Päiväys ja aika
17:30 - 20:00


Dance… music… movement… these are the elements that bring you closer to your authentic self and the creative genius within you. In this workshop you will free up space to allow new ideas to form and understand ways which we use to sabotage our creativity. Simon Yearwood ( will guide us through 2,5 hours workshop to feel the power of dance to open our own creativity, to feel connection and the deep emotions of being human. Dance is an ancient way to give attention to emotions and ideas. It is one possible way to get deeper into own life and to find more strength and solutions for everyday living.

You are welcome to join us in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Bring clothes suitable for moving and water bottle with you. Price for the evening is 20 euros. Please reserve your spot below (max. 20 person) and let’s enjoy open floor dance!


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